Those who want to start Kite surf here. What is Kite board? What are the tuition fees? Who can surf the kite?.

Kite Surf (KiteBoard)

It is not possible to explain the question ”What is Kiteboard?” In one sentence! If water sports, nature, speed and challenge come close to you we can talk about the sport of your life. 

By using the power of wind from the most powerful weapons of nature, to oppose the rules of gravity, to rise to the sky, to create extra force with the laws of physics is just a few of those that Kite promises to you.

What is Kite Surf

It is a kind of sports that you connect to the body with the help of a steering wheel called bicycle-like bar and you ski by the force created by kite.

How to try?

We are talking about a sport that is far less dangerous than other extreme sports with good training and the right equipment. We are waiting for our beach to know Kite surf better.

Suitable for anyone
Kite Surf is suitable for anyone with motivation and patience to do this sport.

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Kite Surf Course
Kiteboard’s basic training takes 8-9 hours if the winds fit. We recommend that you spend at least 5 days considering the practices that you would like to do after the basic training.

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About Kiteboard

The history of kiteboarding can be considered concurrent with the kite or kite being used in our lives. Kite was first used in the 1800s for the first time to drive a boat or a car. Kite was first used as a sport in the 1900s. As we know today, Kitesurf was officially invented in 1977 by the Dutchman Gijsbertus Adrianus Panhuise as a sport with a board on the kite. The development of the new Kite and board combinations towards the end of the 1990s, with the advancement of KiteboarD, takes place with the famous wave surfers starting to try kite surfing. After 2000s, the popularity of Kite has become irrepressibl. it is a sport that is performed in 2012 Olympics.

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Kitesurfing training stages

Kitesurf training is one of the safest, systematic training. Our instructor who will give a kiteboarding course has to be kiteboarding for a long time and has to undergo a kind of examination in order to get the kiteboard instructor certificate. The kiteboard training that made up of few stages except the general Kiteboard recognition training.

  1. Wind information,
  2. Kite control with small kite on the beach
  3. Kite installation
  4. Thread kite control without board and water movement training
  5. Board experiment
  6. Safe stop
  7. Driving speed control
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