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FlyBoard, Wakeboard, KneeBoard, KiteSurf



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ORUN MARINE Water Sport ActivitIes Club

Join our water sport activities at Rixos Bab Al Bahr, Ras Al Khaimah

Everyday 08:30 - Sunset


WaterSki, WakeBoard and KneeBoard Courses for designed for all ages and skill levels. Perfect watersport experience at our wakeboard facility.

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Those who want to start Kite surf here. What is Kite board? What are the tuition fees? Who can surf the kite?.

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The flyboard is to surf in the air with a surfboard that is pushed by a hose (hydroflighting device) connected to a Jetski.

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fly fish

Fly Fish

Fly Fish is an attraction intended for towing a boat . It’s possible to take off “Fly Fish” above the water to a meter height.

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Watersports Club 4

Banana Ride

Banana riding is the one of most popular,entertaining water sport fun. Banana Ride is where you can participate individually and participate with group of your friends.

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Enjoy 1100 horsepower, latest model jetskies with your family on the magnificent bay of Al Marjan Island. Our team at the beach of Rixos hotel is waiting for you, call for reservation

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Wake board is a different level of water-skiing which is little bit different style board

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Kneeboarding is more maneuverability level skiing on knees

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What about watching Al Marjan Island and the magnificent clear sea from the sky with parasailing?

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Watersports Club 5


Need some exercise? Why don’t you do it by hovering?

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Our inflatable water playground full of slips and slides, trampolines, swings, and balance beams. An aquatic adventure for the whole family!

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waterski courses


Do you have any experience in water sports? Do not worry, you can easily learn with our instructors. Just choose the activity that is most fun for you.

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water skiing

Water-Ski Courses

Join the waterski courses, which are the most popular water sport activities in the world.

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WakeBoard & KneeBoard

Are you ready to meetwith water version on the skateboard? Step by step program Introduction.

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Discover underworld with us in our diving club. 

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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving activity in Ras Al Khaimah

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Diving Courses

Diving Courses in RAs Al Khaimah


Tours, Join Our Boat

Join our boat on waterski, parasailing activities

Sport Fishing

Join our sport fishing activities at Al Marjan Island. Contact us for sport fishing tour times.

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deep sea fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

Join our deep sea fishing activities at Al Marjan Island deeps. Contact us for sport fishing tour times.

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