What are Scuba Diving Equipment?

diving equipments

Scuba diving is required for various materials depending on the location and depth of the branch. However, for beginners, additional dives may be used during the course.

Dive Regulator

Also known as underwater breathing apparatus, regulators which provide a comfortable breathing suitable for the environment pressure are one of the musts of a dive.

The dive regulator allows the diver to breathe in and out of the submarine in a comfortable and comfortable manner, allowing us to adjust regular air flow under the sea according to the normal atmospheric compressed air, descending depth levels and ambient pressure. And that is vitally important at this point. The pressure applied by the water to the human body under the water varies depending on the depth and the density of the water. Regulators that regulate a certain oxygen balance also become the greatest friend of divers underwater.

It is impossible to dive without regulators without any discomfort to our organs and body by arranging the compressed air flow from the diving tubes according to every level of the descending depth. In short, we owe the diving regulators to go underwater as if they were in our own home. We must all love him.

Diving Tube

Air tank. That’s the way we can describe it. Diving tubes are used to store the air we breathe under high pressure. These tubes made of steel and aluminum mix or pole steel are the tools that allow us to move freely underwater.When buying dive tubes, the date of construction, filling pressure, in other words, the amount of air pressed into it, as well as being light in terms of usability and transportation may be preferable.

These cylindrical cylinders are made of special made plastic or hard rubber so that they do not fall and are easy to stand upright. The models of diving tubes are evaluated in liters + atmosphere. Depending on their quality and capacity, there are 3-liter to 18-liter tubes. Depending on how professional you are, you can sort from small to large.


Snorkeling, which we all use in some way, is a must for scuba diving. But here we are talking about something a little more professional. A good snorkel consists of two parts. These are maps and air pipe. It is more preferable to use a non-ventilated valve in the form of J when buying, since it is both comfortable to use and lighter. Scuba diving enthusiasts use snorkel gadgets rather than snorkeling. The length of the snorkel is normally 35 or 40 inches. In short, snorkeling is a different type of snorkeling when you are swimming in the sea. It is important to make the choice accordingly.


Scuba diving suits are made for diving. The main purpose of the Wetsuit is to protect the body from cold and water. It also defends the body against injuries and abrasions in simple and minor accidents. Diving suits are made of neoprene and synthetic rubber. And rather, a special garment called a wet suit is used.

Wetsuit which is called wet wetsuit is the most suitable underwater suit for amateur divers. The reason why it is called wet wetsuit is that as soon as it enters the sea after wearing, the water entering between the body and the body is heated by the body’s heat and partly by preventing the cold.
In order to keep your body temperature in balance and to stay away from physical damage caused by staying in the water, you have to find a good wetsuit.


It is a known fact: You progress twice as fast as a normal person underwater in every swipe of water. Therefore, when diving, it is necessary to use a pallet to go even deeper. But there are many different types of pallets and it’s important to make a good choice. At this point, you can select one of the three types of pallets that you want to do.

Swimming pallets

This model is only used to advance on the water and look at what is going on under the sea from the water. The pallets we use in the beaches are examples that fall into this category.

Middle water pallets

These pallets used by diving beginners are medium hard. It has a variety of colors and is absolutely immersed in water. These pallets are preferred by underwater athletes and underwater hunters.

Deep water pallets

Black, hard and heavy pallets. Used by professional divers The heel part of deep water pallets is open. The difference from normal pallets is that they are heavy and more robust.